How has your music taste evolved over time?

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What's up, you sweet babyboi's of Hive? I felt like doing something a bit different from the normal garbage I like to post here. I've been going back recently and listening to my old boner jams from my teenage years that I've forgotten about. You know, to expand my little library/playlist and also just for the fuck of it for nostalgia. Either way, it's made me realize that my tastes in music have changed a metric fuck ton as I've gotten older, as well as my viewpoint on music and specific musical genres as a whole. So, I figured I'd milk my curiosity about where everyone started and has ended up with their love of music, and post this shit to Hive, babyyy.

And, I'll start it off by dropping some examples of what I've listened to over the years and how I got introduced to it, since I don't want to come off as an ultra mega lazy fucker or anything. You know, gotta keep up appearances and what not.

Faith No More

The very first band that I was exposed to as a kid, or at least the first one that I can remember, anyways. I heard this band in the car while I was driving around with my dad probably when I was around 5 years old. I don't really remember whatever 5 year old me thought at the time, but, I'm assuming I must have liked it as I don't remember pissing and shitting my pants in abhorrent anger that I couldn't listen to nursey rhymes or anything. I would definitely say my family's music choice probably helped to shape mine as I grew up, as I tended to listen to whatever they listened to, genre wise. Other similar bands I heard a lot along with these guys were bands like Boston, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, etc.


A few years after my parents introduced me to rock music, I stumbled upon the rap genre from my sister, since she kind of had a Malibu's Most Wanted period in her teenage years. I didn't really like much of what she played, until she had MTV on one day and I caught the music video for this masterpiece of a song. I mean, how could you not just fall in love with this track? What, with DMX's beautiful voice and eloquent lyricism. Not to mention his crack addiction which has landed him in jail more than any other person I've ever heard of. Maybe someday he'll grow up a bit though and start doing bath salts, you know, a real mans choice of drug. But, yeah. I would guess 9 year old me liked this track a lot because it's just a shit ton of hyped up energy basically, which appeals to children who are snorting sugar constantly. Obviously others felt this way, since they use his tunes for hype music in a ton of shit even 20 years later.

Sum 41

Moving on about 3 years when I was 12, a friend showed me a band he recently had gotten into which turned out to be Sum 41. This was my introduction to punk/pop punk music, and from here I started listening to bands like this and Blink 182 a lot. Probably in part because everyone in my friend group at the time was jerking off over the genre. While I now am not a huge fan of pop punk music, in particular Blink 182, I still go back occasionally and will listen Sum 41 for a song or two. I definitely think they got more shit than they deserved, and that they're a lot better than most bands who were in that scene at that time.

Senses Fail

And, now, we're to the part of my life where I was 14 and became a god damn emo kid for the following 2 years. This was my first introduction to emo/post hardcore music from a friend who showed them to me, and I'll be completely honest, I still listen to this band to this day. I'm not crazy about a ton of emo/post hardcore bands, but these guys have always stuck with me. I think a fair amount of early 2000's emo music actually bangs pretty damn hard for people, and it has influenced a ton of music that we've been hearing these days. Case in point would be someone like Juice WRLD who made and helped popularize what is essentially emo rap. So, yeah. I still have a soggy spot in my shorts for this band and other bands like Chiodos, and can say they've influenced a lot of my music taste to this day.

Between The Buried And Me

Towards the end of my emo days, I started changing my friend group a bit and befriended a bunch of metalheads who introduced me to what metal was in the modern day. The first of which was Between The Buried And Me, which I absolutely fell in love with. I'd not heard any music at the time that was so fast paced and technical while sounding brutal as fuck. As you can probably all tell, I still am obsessed with metal music decades later, so I guess I found my place in the world music wise. But, this band was the re-entry for me into the genre past bands like Metallica. After this band, I found others I loved like Killswitch Engage, Suicide Silence, Job For A Cowboy, As Blood Runs Black, etc. So, shoutout to the two guys who showed me this band, even though one of them is an incel drug addict from what I hear and the other has just vanished.


And, now I'm gonna bring up what good old Deadspace listens to these days, because otherwise this post would go on for a god damn millennia. As far as hip hop/rap goes, I've moved on from the crack king DMX, I'm sad to say, to more "underground" sounding rap and hip hop. Such as the artist known as Ghostemane. This artist takes a lot of influence from black metal/doom metal and hardcore punk music and brings it into his own work (From what I recall, he was in a hardcore punk/doom metal band for awhile). I have a hard time finding rap artists that I can connect with and actually enjoy listening to, but stuff like Ghostemane and $uicideboy$ certainly gets me wagging my finger in the air.

Carpenter Brut

Another genre that I had no idea about until the past couple of years is Synthwave, which I've really grown to like a lot. In particular the band Carpenter Brut. I'm not really sure where Synthwave falls in the EDM scene, but it's pretty much the only sub-genre of electronic music I've actually been able to fall down a rabbit hole with. Besides other synthwave bands like Dance With The Dead, the only other electronic music I've liked was the Daft Punk soundtrack for Tron Legacy. I dunno, Snythwave just absolutely slaps and I love listening to this when going for walks or drives. If I had to blame anyone for my love of this, I guess it should be anyone who made an 80's horror movie that had synth in it, as I'm sure that somehow twisted my mind into getting an erection now to this type of music.

Slaughter To Prevail

The final little entry into this post is Slaughter To Prevail, one of the most recent metal bands I've found that I fuck with. I could have picked a ton to place here, since my metal catalogue has grown a shit ton over the past 2 years. However, this band culminates a lot of what I loved as a teenager. You can hear a lot of different metal styles in their work. Stuff from the deathcore/metalcore/grindcore/black metal genres, even stuff where I feel like they incorporated some nu metal elements. The vocal work with this band is great, and their instrumentals are always really fun. I kind of just randomly picked these guys to toss in here, but I think they're a pretty good choice to end on. I've become way more open to all genres of music as I've gotten older, but metal will always have a place in my cold, dead heart :)

So, what about you fine folks? What kind of stuff did you grow up listening to, and where are your music tastes now? Why don't you make a post so that, you, too, can milk the system for some sweet, sweet Hive? Or, if you're a fucking bum just drop a comment and let me know. I'm curious where some of you guys may have started with music and where you've ended up. But, until next time, which will be sometime next week probably since I have a minor surgery on Wednesday, take it easy, doods!



I'm a bit circular and loopy with my music.

Raised with Stones, Dylan, delta blues, Johnny Cash, Americana --- slip into teenage years with thrash, punk -- when alt was alt in the 90's lots of live music in Melbourne ie. Faith no More of your choosing but also Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, 9 Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Pixies, Beastie Boys --- very very long list here - Chemical Brothers -- acid house -- reggae and dub and lots of it, but all this time cut through with folk and world music -- mantra -- ah it's pretty endless.

The one thing I've never got into? Metal.


I've become way more open to all genres of music as I've gotten older, but metal will always have a place in my cold, dead heart :)

I'm exactly the same way. I do branch out and listen to some rap every now and then but metal is what I always return to. I think that for most people that the music they got into as a teenager will be the music they like the most for the rest of their lives.

But i suppose if we had to do a timeline for me it would be Glamrock in the 80's (because that's basically all there was) followed by an A-Ha / Depeche mode phase, which somehow lead me to the musical love of my life, which is metal. These days I have a hard time hearing about new stuff such as Slaughter To Prevail (which I had never heard of) so i'm glad you brought that up.

You know, I need to go back to posting those bangers for hive posts. They made me want to comb through music for an hour or two a week where I was finding lots of new stuff to jam to, and since I've stopped doing them I've been having a harder time finding stuff to check out.

Also, I'm kinda glad I was born in the 90's so I just got to have such a huge pool of diverse music options. I would have probably snorted toilet bowl cleaner if all I had to listen to was Dee Snyder, Poison and shit like that for an entire decade.

Also, I'm kinda glad I was born in the 90's

The 80's was a dark time for metal but we did get to experience the abrupt death of glam rock that dominated the scene. I remember when Appetite for Destruction came out and it lead to a quick death of the entire glam rock scene... only to be eliminated for the most part, itself by the emergence of grunge, and most notably Nirvana, in the early 90's.

80's music has a special place in my heart because whatever was popular when you were a kid is going to stick with you at least a little bit.

I need to go back to posting those bangers for hive posts

Yes, you should. Some of your suggestions back when you were doing those became a part of the regular rotation on my phone. I'm out of the loop as far as music is concerned because there is no metal scene in South East Asia for the most part. Therefore, I need more informed people like you to get new ideas.

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