Christmas Bangers for Hive!

in Music4 months ago

Merry dickmas, Santa Cock! Merry Christmas, you greasy virgins! I hope you're all having a good time and staying safe this Christmas season. I'll be milking myself in front of the old fireplace here in my apartment, all day long this year. You know, because everyone and their fucking bag of bones grandmothers around here have got Covid right now. And, after having that shit once in the summer I'm not dealing with that again. I hope you've all been extra specials boys this year and gotten tons of good boy points to get all the chicken tendies and feet pics you've ever wanted from Santa.

And, as an extra treat. I figured I'd do another absolutely exhilarating Bangers for Hive post, to give you a few different tracks you can put on in the background this year while you're getting white girl wasted on eggnog so you don't have to deal with your shitty inlaws or annoying as fuck cousins. Enjoy, pussybois!

1: Carol of the bells - August Burns Red

2: Rudolph the Red Noses Reindeer - DMX

3: Christmas in Hollis - RUN DMC

4: You're a mean One Mr. Grinch - Sirens & Sailors

5: Deck My Balls - Afroman

6: Merry Axe-Mas - Ice Nine Kills

Hope you all enjoyed the tunes, and have a happy new year :)

Until next time, doods!



Lol the dmx. My mom used to live in arizona, whenever i would go visit, he would always be on the news getting arrested or something.

I posted 5 old school hip hop xmas songs the other might dig it

I mean, that does sound about right. The guy gets arrested so much you'd have to wonder if it's his fetish at this point. I mean, there's a dedicated website for you to check and see if he's currently in jail or not for Christ's sake.

Ha i never heard that...the one that sticks out was when he hit someones car in an airport then he hopped out and said he was a federal agent or something and sped off

Also the reading rainbow dmx one is ridiculous

😎 👏 👏 Lol! You made a nice Christmas selection. I prefer the Ice Nine Kills. 😎

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