Bangers for Hive (I'm a sloth edition)

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What's up, you bunch of sweet babybois? I'm back for another rousing week of vomiting up music recommendations to the 4 of you who actually bother to check these posts out. I was going to try and categorize which week this was, but, I realized I don't remember off the top of my head anymore and I'm too lazy to go through and add them all up on my blog. But, anyways. If you've never read one of these posts before, this is where I come to give you all some wonderful boner jams to listen to. And, probably scare off 3 or 4 of you from coming back because you have weak, fragile little ears, instead of the carbon fiber, titanium ears of a real man, like me.

But, yeah. Lets get into the tunes, dood.

1: Rivers of Nihil - The Silent Life

The first track comes from the band Rivers of Nihil, a technical death metal band based out of Pennsylvania. I heard these guys a few weeks ago from a collab that they did on Youtube with another band, and I've been enjoying a couple of their tracks here and there. I personally am not a huge fan of their vocalist, but I think he sounds decent enough to still enjoy overall. The real part of this band that gets my ass all swampy is the instrumental work done with this band. The guitar parts feature some super cool fucking riffs in particular. Sound wise, I'd say this is a big recommend if you were a fan of older sounding death metal stuff like Opeth. That's just my opinion though, either way, this is a big recommend from me, doods.

2: To The Grave - [•REC]

Our next track comes from a newer Deathcore band called To The Grave based out of Sydney, Australia. This is one of the few Aussie metal bands I can think of that I actually really enjoy. Definitely going to be one of the heavier bands I've recommended in awhile. The vocalist has a very wide range that gives some crushing lows with some black metalish highs. His vocals kind of remind me of Shadow of Intent's vocalist, but with a slightly different sound to it. Instrumental wise, these guys have some crushing riffs that are pretty heavy. If you're looking for some good music to put on while you sensually masturbate yourself, then this is definitely it. Or, if you wanna smash a rock on your cock. One or the other.

3: Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Blood Runs Forever

The 3rd track this week goes to the only band that isn't a metal band on the list, Scary Kids Scaring Kids. These guys are a post hardcore band based out of Arizona, and they've been around for a minute. I, however, just started listening to them recently after hearing this track. My fiancee has been listening to these guys since we were teenagers apparently, but, I being a grumpy fuck who hates 50 percent of the stuff she listens to, just kind of ignored them for no reason. I definitely can't say I love everything this band puts out, but this track is an absolute fucking banger and hooked me pretty fast. If you're a fan of stuff like Hail the Sun, Chiodos, Saosin, The Fall of Troy, etc. then I would say you'll probably really dig this band. They have some really fun guitar work going on for the most part, and the vocalist is pretty solid for a post hardcore group.

4: Andrew Baena/Carcosa - Dig

This weeks final track might kind of be a cheat track for me, since it sort of falls into being one of the bands from last week. This song is a cover of Dig by Mudvayne done by Youtuber Andrew Baena and Johnny Ciardullo​. Aka, half of the band Carcosa (The guitarist and vocalist). I still chose to include it because I really fucking like this cover. Their vocalist is absolutely fantastic and kills it here, and I enjoyed hearing a more deathcore version of a nu-metal track that was insanely popular back in the early 2000's. Nu metal is one genre I think most people in the metal scene love to shit on, but secretly like at least one or two nu-metal bands. That genre had a lot of terrible music in it, but, also several bands that have influenced modern day metal quite a bit. But, yeah. If you liked Carcosa from my last post or just like Deathcore in general, this will be a good choice for you!

Aight. Well, that'll do it for this weeks post I guess. I hope you found a track or two to add to your playlist. Maybe a nice tune for your 35 minute commute to work where you hate your job and feel like putting a shotgun in your mouth and pulling the trigger with your toes. Just normal everyday shit like that, you know? But, yeah. Feel free to drop any tracks you'd like to share down below! Otherwise, I'll catch you guys later. So, until next time. Take it easy, slutterbutts.



Rivers of Nihil - The Silent Life

Sax and Death Metal, that is novel. Did they rent the sax dude for the song.., his hair is a little short? Shades of Opeth as you mentioned. !WINE

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He apparently is a friend of one of the guys in the band and they brought him in for the album. Sadly, they talked about cutting out the saxophone for the most part in their future works, which I think is a bad move. Clearly what metal needs is even more sax, with some baby oil and pyrotechnics thrown in. Really jazz that shit up.