Saturday Night Sounds

in Music2 months ago

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Posting has been getting to become a more regular thing for me thankfully, let’s share some music! I took a break from these music posts for a bit, but may do it here and there.

The aim of this post and others like it is to get more music shared on the platform, music is an awesome part of life! There is so much music that we don’t know about so please share at least one song with me in the comments! I would love to hear some new music.

This weeks theme is a bunch of songs from an American lyricist rapper known by a few names but most prominently Atmosphere or Slug. He raps a lot about his troubles with women but I love his lyrics. They are pretty strong and lots of complexity! (Pun intended for my account name lol) I think these are all top quality songs so let me know and share some songs with me!

Atmosphere - The Woman With The Tattooed Hands

Fuck You Lucy

Modern Mans Hustle


Cigarette Breaks

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Saturday Night Sounds

I thought it was like real night sounds in nature or something haha xD

Hahah not quite! I got the name from someone who used to post here often. He stopped since but looks like that might be why others don’t check it out, too confusing!

Haha ye maybe xD

Good post

Do you like rubber?

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