New Singles To Be Out Tomorrow

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Happy Sunday Fans,

We just entered a brand new week which I perceive already that it's gonna be a Litty Litty week. So I attended Church service today to go praise God for his wonderful deeds in my life, keeping me alive and healthy and also I went to ask him to bless my two singles which will at gonna be released tomorrow precisely.

The Almighty God has been so faithful to us all through his mercies and kindness and indeed he deserves our praises. I will be dropping the download links on my blog by tomorrow so my fans can get entertained already. My Thanks goes out to you all Hivers for always standing by me and I pray your hustle pays too.

Watch this Space and Remain Blessed!





Look forward to more tracks!

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Thanks a bunch my brother! stay safe.

Looking nice in that suit, 😉.

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Thank you so much fam. Steady grinding is what we do.

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