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Get ready to download, stream my new music which will be due for release in less than two weeks from now (first week of August precisely). As an entertainer that I am, I have come to the conclusion that I must keep my fans happy and entertained no matter how trying the times might be. So I have decided to drop two new tracks titled 'Crypto Way' my song where I actually rap about Cryoto and how it will revolutionalize the world. The second track is a dance track for the club and the party lovers. A feel of hip-hop and highlife and is titled 'Swit Potato'.

The songs were recorded at La'Khush Studios and the producer of both songs is Dubble Dee. Click on the link below to listen to my previously released song.
If you listen to the song and drop screenshot as proof you will get a $1 Upvote.





thanks for sharing, I've never heard of that platform,ill have to look into it moreScreenshot_20200730094635.jpg

!i listened to the whole song💚

okay! thanks for your support. Emanate rewards music creators for their talents using cryptocurrency. I hope you enjoyed using the platform.

It is a pleasure to be paid for listening your music @citimillz

thanks a lot my brother! we are in the Crypto era. Blockchain tech taking over. 😄

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Nice song , nice beat..Screenshot_20200724220320.png

bless up bro. thanks for listening!

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I'm finishing up a post and featuring this post, hope to still get that uv, you know we listen to it TOO MUCH! I work out to it, great song. :)

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I like the energy you put in. we spread word about Crypto on a daily. lol. It's what we do. thanks for the compliment.

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Congratulations on your musical talent!
Here my post where you can leave your vote of 1 USD

Capture from

Screenshot_2020-07-26 Emanate Alpha.png

Ok. I will look into the post. Thanks for your support so far.


Very nice, I'm not a rap-lover pur sang, but I really appreciate this one. Keep it up!


@citimillz you are really talented sir!!
More grace🙌

Thanks a lot bro. bless up!