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Happy New Month Hivers,

I wish you all fruitfulness this month of August. As some of you might know, I will be officially releasing my latest tracks on Monday, the 3rd of August which is two days from now. This songs are so dope and I promise you all will love them. One of the songs is a Crypto song while the other is an Afro Dancehall jam.

Currently, I am building my Instagram fan base and want all my fans on here to stay updated on the progresses I make in my music career, so to make this possible. I am asking all my fans on Hive to follow my Instagram account and drop screenshot as proof in the comment section of this post for a good Hive Upvote.

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Go citimillz!

Good things coming up man glad to hear. And sure I am following you on Instagram. Man! You know what? I am an audiophile of a sort. Give me beats and I am on that oh yeah!

Well all the best.. Proud to know you. Aim high and dream big. Peace!

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Wow, Good to know you too brother. So you can run freestyles? Good them will provide you some beats to flow on soon.

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thanks so much Superman!

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