Creativetruth's Halloween Tree Contest: Madame of Darkness by @eve66

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This is my participation in the Contest:

Creativetruth's Halloween Tree Contest:Post a Photo of a Decorated Dead Tree to Win [Photography][Halloween] by @creativetruth

Have a dead, ugly, diseased tree?

Photo by Unsplash - Edition: @eve66

The tree was given to me 4 months ago, because the owner grew it too big in his yard and damaged the pipes and decided to cut it down.

It is a project to make a tree for my cat Tom.

I thought it was perfect for a witch's collage

I hope you like it.

Collage Creation

  • Take the photo of the tree, placing the sign with the date.

  • I looked for a photo of a cabin in Unsplash, this one seemed perfect.

Photo by Unsplash

  • Look for a witch png
    witch - pentagram

  • Remove the background of the tree and, edit the tree with the witch in Gimp:

Edit with some filters, this is the result:

Photo by Unsplash - Edition: @eve66

I wrote a micro story of terror:

They call her the "Madame of Darkness", she will offer you hot food and a place to spend the night, but you will never leave her cabin, she has a voracious appetite for human flesh.

Take another photo of the tree with the date, before publishing the post.ARBOL.jpg

Thank you

✂️ Edition by: @eve66 In Gimp - PhotoScape.
separators @eve66


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The pentacle freaked me out, because I thought it was a spider web or branches at first, and then I suddenly noticed it.