Hawthorn: Leaves are Becoming Red and Orange [Bonsai]

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Even after a few days, the color on the leaves continue to change.

Here is a short update on my Hawthorn bonsai tree, after it's had a visit from winter's first frost.


Hues of cherry red, pineapple yellow, georgia peach, and clementine orange.


Truly aglow with fiery light.

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Results are up bud. Hope you're doing okay. I see you haven't posted in a while.

Yeah, there is so much less content for me to share in winter, especially with the lack of events during lockdown.

Thanks for letting me know. Will check out later.

Yeah 2020 and virus has killed me this year man. Depression, anxiety, extra stress at work. It hasn't been fun. Sorry it took so long to get this show finished.

It's a beauty!!