My Actifit Report Card: March 31 2020

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Guys! It was a push to even get these steps this time!

Yeesh! The north wind ~ is SO COLD.

Much Love Steemers. As we become Hivers.

Are you staying cool & levelheaded in this lockdown?

My mind and emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Which reminds me, i've forgotten to meditate today!

After posting. I'll do that.

Do you meditate?

Hive on Friends 😘✌🏼

Daily Activity, Walking


Wow, -10° 😵🤯🥶 I feel bad for you that's crazy cold, it was about 70° here today (21°C). If it was that cold here I don't think I would get any steps in at all I wouldn't be able to get out of bed 🤣

Hey Jill, 2500 steps is awesome!

I'm feeling pretty calm most of the time though I definitely have moments of fear and confusion. I have to keep strong for the boys, and they are sure life savers, as well as being so busy with them, and the animals too, it helps keep me in the moment for most of the day.

Sending you a HUGE HUGE HUGE Hug! Hope it warms up soon for you, faaak -10!

Thanks for your reply. It's great to have the kids in the house, your homestead and ocean nearby for sure. You are ready for this routine. But, what's up with the phone service? Trying to get a reason to push 5G faster?! Apparently, even in the city the network isn't built yet. Who knows!!! It's crazy that's for sure. Yes! Stay healthy. No catching colds allowed!! ❤❤🙏❤❤

Yeah I just saw that on facebook, Tara tagged me in Billie's post. I haven't experienced any outages here yet, scary stuff indeed though, and yeah the first thing that came in my mind was it's something to do with 5G...

How come it’s still very cold!?

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