My Actifit Report Card: March 28 2020

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It's a poor deadly count in today's report! Coming to you today from spring time in the prairies.

With a looooong shadow.

Well another day in house arrest. It's not that bad but almost!

I sure have part of my bucket that needs to be filled by daily interactions. Yes, I am an extrovert/ introvert. I am going to say 50:50.

Not many steps but I don't carry my phone around alot inside. And, i did a few mini body weight excersises today. Lunges, body squats, stretches, balancing. Must keep full range of motion. I can not see my therapists now. I have to manage recovery on my own for the foreseeable future.

Here's to hoping it goes as smooth as silk!!

Hive & Step On Fam ❤

Daily Activity, Walking


Wow that was a very long shadow Jill! Glad to see you getting out and that snow is almost gone! Good luck with your at home physical therapy, you got this 😘

Here my vote for this publication that I liked my friend.

Here my vote for this publication that I liked my friend.

Yeah I pretty much never carry my phone inside - it sits on a table. Ergo I only have actifit posts when I go out. LOL
I hope you are feeling well and not going too stir crazy!