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RE: Domenica dinamica

in Actifit7 months ago

Hi Tina!

I LOVE all these beach photos you took on your last adventure! Nice!!! #HighFive!🙌

So I'm stopping by to congratulate you on all 39 #AutomaticWin's you registered with @AdventureReady! I also awarded this post with a #HighFive! That's 5 Hive from my wallet to yours! Thank you for your patience as it took me a bit to get organized this week!

If you check your wallet your also going to find 39 Hive from the @AdventureReady account! This is the amount that I used to buy back the AWIN Tokens from you on Steem Engine! If you look on Hive Engine you will notice that I have also sent you a matching amount of the New WIN Token!

Honestly though! Thank you so much for all your support of the @AdventureReady account and the #AutomaticWin Initiative!