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Hey @tinamarr!

I am just doing a quick check in! I wanted to let you know about the 2 recent @AdventureReady announcement posts!

I'm busy transitioning the AWIN Token (It's a token I was awarding to everybody going out of their way to get #AutomaticWin's) over to the Hive Engine site.

Anyways! I'm just here to tell you that if you transfer your AWIN Token (on the Steem Engine Site: I'll buy it back at the rate of 1 Hive for every AWIN and also issue you a matching amount of the shiny new WIN Token on Hive Engine!)

Here's the 2 announcement posts about all of this!

First Post:

Second Post:

Let me know if you have any questions alright! 🙌



Thank you so much for the info 😉


Yeah! Your very welcome Tina! 😄

Hey @wil.metcalfe, here is a little bit of BEER from @tinamarr for you. Enjoy it!

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