Choppin Wood

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Tried to get a slow-mo video of me chopping wood. . but YT disregarded the fact it was a slow-mo.. and converted the video into regulard speed for me.. which i didnt know was possible. These logs are still pretty green, and they are from a fir tree, or a hemlock tree, and they have lots of branches and knots in them that make them difficult to split up.

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Hint there is a crack most times even in greenwood.

Or you're looking at path of least resistance and then you just slightly tap that mall back and forth across the surface.

So it's one time I was helping my friends out and they dropped some pretty big trees and we're trying to break it all down into firewood.

The rounds were just too big to put into the log splitter so by hand I broke them into quarters which even those quarters pieces were pretty large for people to move even with two guys.

Had this ginormous guy come up and take the maul from me because I was resting. Then just like you he starts wailing away. After you standing there huffing and puffing I asked for the mall walked over there and a couple more taps on my line where I'd been applying energy and walking the impact across the log it split neatly open.

Mind you this guy's got at least a foot and what a few inches on top of my 6 ft 2 and he is more than double my body weight and I weigh 200 lb.

He wanted to know what my secret was. Well number one find that soft spot and work with the grain.

Personally I would have flipped that log over and started on the other end and each one of those tabs wedges fibers and then those wedging actions help to apply leverage to fully split that log all the way apart.

And in fact if you want to hit me up I do martial arts training not only fitness and lumberjack training hahaha!

Either way if you apply enough energy at the right places you can get results...

Personally I would call but you did as chipping away all the softwood and the hard hardwood is left to really work through and that is the toughest part.

However it's all really good wood and if you have a good eye you don't have to use near as much effort.

Yea man, these logs are like peeling an orange.. I gotta remove the outside 4inches so I can split the middle of the log.. but those outside pieces I split off turn into 3 good sized pieces of fire wood

Make me wanna move to county side!!

Haha yea! Everyone wants to move away from everyone else, but with the internet we really don’t have much of a reason to live so close together anymore.

Whatever, Hardwork health is weathh and very Strong.

Thanks man! Yea I think this might be the first woodchopping video on hive! I'm gonna build out this post and add to it a bit more, so that I feel it's worthy to be called a blog :)

go ahead..👍

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It means so much to me to be able to share a bit of my life with you guys, and to see the value that you all accumulatively think that it is worth!
This is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.. and to think that 1 year ago, I was completely unaware that something like this was possible.
Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!