My Actifit Report Card: May 3

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Hi everyone,

On Monday it was finally my turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and I had the possibility to chose between Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca.

I tried to document from different sources about the benefits and drawbacks for each of them, and I decided in the end for the one from Pfizer. So far I didn't had any post vaccine side effects, and I'm now looking forward for a future with less restrictions.

At the end of the day, to really mark this special event, I went for a long and healthy tour around the lakes in my area, passing the 20k mark:

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Congratulations on getting the vaccine and it’s a good thing that you got a choice and decided yourself about which one you want to take. Lot of people does not get that choice usually.
It was a perfect way to celebrate with 20k activity by going for a walk.
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Don't do it it's a trap and experimental vaccine technology is extremely bad.

Don't be the guinea pig don't listen to the propaganda....

Honestly enough what's going to do keep you from getting sick? I got it just as long as you treat the symptoms and take care of yourself you get over it....

However a lot of my friends who have gotten the shot and reported back to me some severe side effects...

I understand your fears, but I can not say if they are real or false. I'm a young person, and I could have stayed unvaccinated, and as you say, to treat the disease when infected... But my parents are getting old, and for them it might be fatal. Same with other elders or sick people around us. We don't have capacity to treat millions of people in the same time, and I don't what to put additional pressure on the already broken medical system. Therefore, I concluded that the vaccine is the least evil.

Sorry about what happen to your friends. Do you what vaccine they had? Lots of my friends and relatives got the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, and not of them told about any bad side effects...

Well that's the thing is is if you don't even need it why you even get it...

And what fears do I have I've already had covid so I'm just fine.

Personally you can use an experimental vaccine that is going to be harmful to your health that has absolutely no bearing in my life.

By all means you can do whatever you want and I will do whatever I want however knowing how bad vaccines are to human beings health as well as issues caused and of course quite a few conversations with actual healthcare professionals who have been personally afflicted by vaccine companies.

If you want to take it that is your personal right as human being you can do whatever you want.

But don't project feelings that aren't there onto other people. That's petty. And a load of crap. I'm not afraid of covid. It's already went around. We have had it and even the Oregon governor got out in her place for forcing further lockdowns.

So if you take it? At least be aware of the risk to your health for taking a experimental vaccine. Out of your fear....

So who is afraid? You. Don't forget that.
And some simple research? What are you above doing that?

What are the pros of each and the cons?

You going for the booster shots that never end?

It's a joke. Humans survived how long without vaccines? Yes some helped but you have no clue the issues with them.

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