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in Actifit3 months ago

Hello my dear friend @marblely I'm very happy to see back.
I know how difficult it is to post everyday on Hive. :-(
I paused my @kidz for some days , and now it's difficult to go back to doing it everyday.
But I love the friends here, so I'll keep trying to make better posts. hehe
Big hug and have a better year in 2021. :-)


Thank you my dear <3 Yes, it has been hard to come back. I had the energy, drive and motivation last last year to post everyday on Steemit and then HIVE happened and then my family needed me and then everything paused and then it was all history. Keep making wonderful posts my friend because you do :)
A big hug back to you my dear and I wish you and your family a better year in 2021 too <3