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RE: My Actifit Report Card: May 14 2021

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Slowly, he will come around!


One of our neighbors grown children that came for the Funeral was telling me he paid for his airline ticket by selling a small amount of Bitcoin!
It's always so nice to talk "Crypto", I rarely run into someone that even knows what Crypto is @silversaver888... Lol!!

Elon Mask's statement about Bitcoin is causing it to spiral.
Do you think it is time to sell?

This is what I wrote/responded, to a post "on another blockchain" about Elon and the crazy market
Just my opinion.....

"So crazy how this man can just Tweet, and the markets react with fear....
Then he tweets insinuating that he is selling BTC......
He is not correctly informed, most miners use renewable energy, otherwise it would not be very profitable.
I would just break even on "Coal powered electric"
I personally run three ASIC miners, and they are 100% Solar powered.
Unfortunately any non Crypto person listening to him, would believe proof of work Crypto blockchains are destroying the Planet........Fake new, with an agenda!
I will each Month continue to be a BTC buyer!"

Just like precious metals, someone is always trying to twist the news @silversaver888 Lol!😀