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The blockchain is about to grow where we cannot even think of it.
The real growth will come from the community with the community.
IF you have not tried this game, you need to join and be part of it
before the announcement of the third edition card. @gerber is taking the time
to deliver as promise.

At first it is a game, when you go deep it is more than a game, it is a way to
have fun and read the bickering on discord and to see how the president is
protecting the game with taxes on sim. #dcity is another venue to interact with Hive blockchain and to earn sim and Hive if that is what your interests are.


On leodex it is consistently part of the top three traded token. Apart from holding it to reach the presidency, it is viable for trade and serve as purchasing power. I wish to see more use case for sim to move up the value.
You get sim daily by holding on your city the right cards ratio for population/income.

When you look at top ten cities, many chose the route of holding high population to the detriment of sim. Yes they get pay only Hive not sim. When sim is trading below a certain threshold the taxes for sim increases. That way less sim inflation generated to protect everyone.

They get penalized on the recipient of hive as well since they did not go for the right ratio. It is a mathematically challenge game. You have to always move stuff around to get the right recipe to earn.
The fun part of the game results from the more you get it, the more you need to purchase the card to get you up in the scale.


In order to reach top ten, be ready to purchase the right cards. You will spend some Hive to get there. When you do you will smile all along with your sim income and your hive income. I mean you put the time and you get rewarded for it.
In a nutshell this is the power of this community strong in discord. So far taxes are eating everyone income. This conversation may not pleased many but it is important to slow down the value of sim.

It took me a while to fully understand some aspect of the game. You have to stay in motion to fully grasp the game. You have to check your city daily if you can otherwise other players are watching your move and you could fall easily out of contention. The reward pool is healthy and there is ample growth in the game if you decide to join right now.

There is a market inside the game to sell and buy cards for your city. The dynamism of the game is evolving and soon the third edition will bring new life in to it.
Have you got yourself some technology cards? If not you can buy on the market. They are pretty hefty cause they can jump start your city to the next level.


You can get them free of charge but randomly by the game but you need to go to city-->
technology --> unlock new tech cooldown or purchase with sim the reset the option.
The opportunity offered by the game is a testament that this community is growing.
Be part of Hive is much more than posting.
When you can come and play and earn as much as a blogger.

There are some players coming over and they are always selling on the market.
The price reflects the value of the market. Usually when you start you may purchase the less expensive ones. As you grow your city you sell them for the valuable ones.
I can't wait to see the new cards and the reward pool growing past 500k hive.

If you have Hive account, make your way to this link for info :
if not get yourself leofinance account here : and then click get started.
Enjoy this game and make friends.


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Hey can you help me? I seem to be having trouble
getting my Brewery to spit out BEER tokens. Do you know anything about this?
I even have the technologies unlocked and am still not sure what I am missing.

I staked 24 !BEER just in case.

I am not sure I get your case right but give-engine is getting updated right now.


is something else but to get beer from dcity the system will give it to you if you have it in your city.

Thank you! I was searching for an answer.

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...