My Actifit Report Card: September 13 2020

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One of the most tiring weekends this year after the covid-19 lockdown and the biggest work out for 2020, is when my parents’ that was left untouched for 7 months due to unable to travel until now , was struck my a really bad flood from a freak storm and the river overflowed, damaging the villages near its path.

The house didn’t have as much damage compared to the lower grounds and the capital city’s flash flood , but this is 1cm of mud to clean and damaged furniture to clean up.

The good thing was despite the water pushed the plastic drawers and the cups and glasses fell out with the drawers, the flood cushioned the fall and not one glass or clay was shattered. This saved us a lot of danger, and though the rooms were all covered in mud and we may have to throw away most of the compressed wood furnitures that are over 20 years old, the house wiring were fine, the water system still worked.

Now I need to pray it will stop raining (even when I am typing this I can hear the sound of rain outside)
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