My Actifit Report Card: April 23 2021

in Actifit2 months ago

Another easy day for me. I just paced around a bit and took Doggie for a walk and did a few things around the house. My arm is still a bit tender and I'm trying to make sure that I'm not overdoing it.

Frankly, I'm feeling a bit melancholy too. I'm not sure exactly why, sometimes things just start to get to you. Environmental things, social things, crypto things, but its not about the money, not entirely anyway, lol.

Additionally, a friend just recently passed away. I guess that kind of happens when your my age. He had some bad back pain and kept wanting pain relievers. He went into the ER and they let him go. He died from a burst blood vessel.

Another friend just found out he has cancer on his kidney and has to have it removed. Hopefully it has not spread.

Sorry to unload all my feelings on you guys, I usually try to avoid such things.

Really my life is very good. Beautiful flowers are in the neighborhood:

A wonderful meal for dinner tonight:

Sometimes it feels like I have no business being unhappy yet...

I saw a video one time of a baby chicken on a convayer belt. He is running along the belt in a full on panic while all the other baby chicks are just standing on the belt rolling along towards the grinder. You know at some point he is going to get exhausted and the belt will take him...

Sometimes I can not find the words to express all the feelings I have. Perhaps this video expresses it somewhat:

(The above link shared under Youtube licensing.)

I just don't know what to do but I really feel like we all could be living much more happy and productive lives. I'm not sure when we will reach a social tipping point but I hope it will be soon.

I have felt for many years that blockchain technologies could be very helpful in bringing about a positive change in the system. So many things are in need of a change. Decentralized energy production and financial systems could be a very wonderful thing.

Well, I feel a lot better after unloading a bit. I promise to try not to be such a downer next time.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.

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Oh I am all in favor about being transparent. That is just my style anyways. I understands not everyone feels comfortable putting their feelings out there. I feel it is the most powerful way to tell your story is to put it out there. You know we are all on that conveyer belt. All we can do is to play the hand we have been dealt to the best of our ability. Give a little, help when we can. I dont have all of the answers but thats just what keeps me going. Have a good one.

Thank you. There are some up and downs for sure. I usually don't write much about the down parts but sometimes it seems right to share.

Sending some positive vibes:)

Thank you, it is nice of you.

Love those beautiful pansies !

Life isn't beautiful every second. Being alive is, but what is going on isn't always. If acknowledging that a little now and then helps, it should be done.

I can empathize with you about being bombarded with the assorted negatives and feeling the weight of them, but also the feeling that I have no business feeling unhappy when I do. In general, my life is very decent too and although I have been through my normal share of hard things through the years, I've seen and heard about others going through plenty worse.

Even knowing that, doesn't change the reality of the moments I go through though and I believe it is ok to acknowledge that, have a little melancholy time to sort and re-adjust and get myself focusing back on all the good stuff there is too. It's sometimes hard to realize how much good is still going on when nearly nobody counts those things as newsworthy. (Sad testimony of our society I think sometimes, but still....) I keep plugging along, trying to adjust back to my natural happy self.

You may have seen this and it is not the only one, but sometimes I like to go places like this Good News website to read about some more positive stories and things that are going on. Goodnews

It's ok to be in a funk occasionally, as long as you don't stay there !

I think everyone has gone through a lot and we continue to do so. It is really nice to focus on the good stuff, thank you for sharing the link and writing such a wonderful response. I'm feeling a lot better today. :)

Sorry to hear the sad news about your friends death and the other suffering cancer. Such things and also the ongoing pandemic can get you sad but am glad you are focusing on the positive things in your life. Great video about the human tipping points and I totally agree that the block chain could be very useful in changing the current social order. I love Paul's cat Shackleton.THank you for sharing and keep enjoying your weekend

The cat is a highlight of his videos for sure. Thank you for your reply and have a wonderful weekend too!

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