Quarantine Life Day 291 / My Actifit Report Card: January 1 2021

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Good day Actifitters!

We're on the second day of the year, and it seems things are back to normal. Not the kind of normalcy we had before the pandemic, but the new normal as they say. Whether things will improve after the vaccines, we cannot say. The new variant of Covid19 is causing fear to many, and we're still yet to hear if the vaccines will work on this new variant.

Covid19 Cases

Surge is lower which might be due to the new year celebrations, but its still more than half a million. Worldwide 83.96 million cases, 47.28 million recoveries. United States (20.33 million), India (10.28 million), Brazil (7.7 million), Russia (3.21 million) and France (2.63 million). Data in this link.

High surge was again tallied here in the Philippines with total of 476k, and also with not updated 439k recoveries. Soon, it might be updated. There's a surge in our province too with total active cases at 321.

Actifit Report

So I woke up quite early to think of things to do. I also opened another platform which is fun because of those tipping stuff. It's also a social media site. Then I prepared our breakfast, and proceeded to clean up the kitchen. I am glad to fix an area so it won't look messy. I worked online the entire afternoon, and did other stuff that I need to get accomplished.

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