Quarantine Life Day 287 / My Actifit Report Card: December 28 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

As there is a new strain of virus, our country doesn't allow individuals to enter the country from those who had travel history in UK in a certain period of time. There has been lockdowns imposed in Europe due to the new strain of Covid19, and the resurgence of new cases. Some countries here in Asia also had cases already. No case yet here in the Philippines of the new strain, but the government has expressed possibility of another lockdown.

Covid19 Cases

Surges cannot be stopped yet, and here's the current tally: Worldwide 81.19 million (45.91 million recoveries), United States (19.48 million), India (10.2 million), Brazil (7.5 million), Russia (3.07 million) and France (2.56 million). Data can be found here. There are a total of 9 countries with more than 2 million cases, and 18 countries crossed the million.

It's quite a slow surge here in the Philippines, but it will possibly surge when the holiday is over. It was said that few people are going for the Covid19 test due to the holidays. The total is more than 470k, with recoveries still at 438k. Active cases here in Pangasinan is currently 319.

Actifit Report

So I was more focused on my work on a Monday as I did my laundry already on Sunday. I did my chores such as cooking, and preparing the meal for the next day. I did my exercises yet not enough to reach my @actifit goal again.

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