Quarantine Life Day 282 / My Actifit Report Card: December 24 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

We're still far from going to zero cases after recent surges in our province. We're excited when number of cases dropped below 150 but during the recent days, we crossed the new peak after months of stead amd declining numbers. We recently reached 300 again, but gladly dropped to 285 today.

Covid19 Cases

So global cases had gone 78.01 million today, and it seems it will continue to rise. Recoveries may be high now at 43.99 million, but daily surges of new cases is at a higher rate. United States (18.42 million), India (10.07 million), Brazil (7.32 million), Russia (2.93 million) and France (2.49 million). Available tally in this link. Our country, Philippines, had continual surges thought it is at a constant number. The total is 464k, while recoveries remained at 429k range.

Actifit Report

I had consecutive days of waking up late. I woke up passed 8am, so I got to rush so I can keep up on my routines. O preprared our meal, and exercised before breakfast. I worked online, and took a break to unwind in the afternoon. It's Tuesday, and it's our midweek virtual meetings in sign language, so I attended in the evening as well as presenting my part. At 8pm, I attended a virtual funeral discourse. I took some rest after that by watching TV before going to sleep.

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