Quarantine Life Day 213 / My Actifit Report Card: October 14, 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

A typhoon has crossed Luzon today, which has made landfall in different parts of the country. Some areas are already flooded. So far, it's just gloomy in our place, but hoping it won't trigger floods when rain falls.

As the quarantine continues, Covid19 cases reached 38.41 million already. United States has 7.95 million already, followed by India (7.23 million), Brazil (5.14 million), and Russia (1.34 million). Available data here. Philippines had a bit slow increase now with 346k, along with 293k recoveries.

There are more recoveries recently here in Pangasinan, and few new cases with current active at 418. Our town is now one of the most affected municipalities with 25 cases.

Actifit Report

Been falling from my goal as for consecutive days, I didn't reach 5,000 activity counts. At yesterday, the total is above 3,400 counts. But I won't give up in achieving my goal.

Yesterday morning, I turned on my computer for the virtual deaf teaching. At the same time, we did letter writing for their relatives, and people we know. Took some rest in the afternoon, and worked online as well.

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