Quarantine Life Day 211 / My Actifit Report Card: October 12 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

It might not be totally a good day because of the current weather condition, which is too gloomy. Even more difficult in Manila as many places are flooded, and some people are still going to their work. The pandemic and the floods even made it difficult for them.

With regards to the current pandemic situation, total tally already reached 37.72 million. As the most affected countries, they're still struggling. United States (7.89 million), India (7.12 million), Brazil (5.1 million), and Russia (1.31 million). Additional data can be found here.

Philippines is currently behind Italy (one of the most affected back then), with 342k. More than 293k has recovered. The scenario is still the same here in Pangasinan. As many recovers, new cases come. The current active cases is 422.

Actifit Report

I am very close but I forgot to give it an attention. I reached more than 4,900 activity counts. Hopefully, I'll finally achieve it today.

Been busy yesterday with my chores including doing my laundry, and cleaning up some parts of the house. I taught my deaf student in the afternoon, and worked online.

The time when the weather is good.

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