I Am Alive Challenge Day #134 - January 20 2021

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Went to work today. Didn’t do much work. Went to Otinibi to disassemble the staircase since the owner says he’s got a new design he wants to make. From there, my boss went to his friend at another site. Construction was going on and I snapped a pic. I got home early because we were done early.

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Daily Activity,Walking
178 cm
78 kg
Body Fat
32 cm


Oh. Looks like you published the post after midnight. The counter is showing a big zero. It happened to me once as well.

Are you working in your place as a contract basis? For example, for a one-stored building, you will take 3000 USD and you will finish it in 5 month. Like that contract? Or a daily contract. As long as not finished?

We do on contract basis. My bosses friend is the one with the contract and he’s giving a portion to my boss.