Steps in circles: February 21 2020

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Yesterday was one of those days where I don’t really remember where all the steps came from. I spent a portion of the day keeping a nice fire rolling in the fire pit and then cleaning and organizing in the house. The kitchen needed to have a table cleaned off and taken down to open up space and to consolidate a bunch of the snacks. The day blended across a bunch of tasks but all domestic house stuff. Dishes in the dishwasher, thawed the chicken for dinner that I grilled on the pit, and keeping the boys somewhat busy or otherwise occupied.

The climbing wall is getting more holds all the time. My new route with purple hand holds is in need of a bunch more holds to fill in since I have it extremely difficult and I would rather just eliminate holds than not have them there. The route is going to be 40 + moves when I am done with it and will be in the V2/3 range. I have another set of foot holds installed for the blue holds which could get to V5 by the look of the holds. So far I am having fun on my Green route and the rest of the larger holds with the warm ups. Speaking of I need to go out and spend some quality time with my wall.

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