My Bald Eagle came to say hello: February 20 2020

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Yesterday was fairly mellow. I got a new watch thing to keep track of my activities. I just got a cheap one for $35 that will do my constant tracking for me. It isn’t perfect and won’t hook up to my text app but emails and calendar notifications come through. I really wanted it to track my sleep generally. Just to have a better handle of my night time since I feel like I have a constant problem of waking at 3:30 am every morning.

When I walked out the house to go get my package from the box I dropped off the side of the porch and all of a sudden one of my Bald Eagles flew around over my head and landed in the tree above me about 40 ft. It couldn’t seem to get comfy so it took off to another tree in the yard. I walked out the driveway and it just sat in the sun and watched me walking around. It knew I was there and it feels like it was waiting for me. Normally the eagles aren’t sitting in the tree RIGHT outside the house, that I notice anyway. But this one for sure hung around and was making sure to be in my view. I would LOVE to think it might by some chance be the one I saved a couple years ago....

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We have a lot of bald eagles here thanks to a raptor rehab person who has been caring for injured raptors for decades and was the first to set up a breeding program for eagles. He either hatches them and introduces them into nests or puts eggs in nests of established breeding couples. There are also cams that you can watch on some of the nests.

I really need to get a cam up for their nest. I see the nest from our yard by the house as it sits on the hill above. They have been in the same tree now for at least 5 years, whether it is the same birds or not I am not sure though. Our area is known for the Bald Eagle gatherings around Lake CDA in Idaho each year.