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You can move and earn more HIVE at home during quarantine and lockdown. Sound too good to be true, but first your movement must be converted into AFIT token before it can be traded into HIVE through steem-Engine exchange.

This is another introduction to help newcomers about one unique DAPPS in HIVE after the sudden rise in price and popularity of HIVE.

During the recent exponential increase of HIVE, more people might be wondering what else HIVE can do besides earning from posting and gaming?

You can just move around and then post your result from the Actifit DAPPS which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

If you don't have a HIVE account, you can sign up directly through the site.

Disclaimer: The link above contain my referral code. You can remove my name in the link if you don't want to use it.

This is true, but nothing comes free without effort and you can't get rich quick. My Estimated total Actifit account value in USD while writing this post was $687.27 or 916.36 HIVE.

Below are the calculation details:

16814.207 AFIT x 0.0267 AFIT/HIVE = 448.3789 HIVE
(0.00000000 + 0) AFIT x 0.00033000 AFIT/HIVE = 0 HIVE
(1.00000000 + 0) AFITX x 6.48899899 AFITX/HIVE = 6.489 HIVE
(0.0000 + 0.8427) APX x 0.10000000 APX/HIVE = 0.0843 HIVE
(1.112 + 410.225) PAL x 0.00801010 PAL/HIVE = 3.2949 HIVE
(509.780 + 3741.758) SPORTS x 0.00002001 SPORTS/HIVE = 0.0851 HIVE
(6.30249073 + 0) STEEMP x 1 STEEMP/HIVE = 6.3025 HIVE
(0.032 + 451.6682219360456) HIVE x 1 = 451.7002 HIVE
0.018 HBD x 1.4267 HBD/HIVE = 0.0257 HIVE
(0 + 0) HIVE x 1 = 0 HIVE
0 HBD x 1.4267 HBD/HIVE = 0 HIVE

916.3604 HIVE x 0.750 HIVE/USD = $ 687.2703 USD

Too Lazy To Move? Don't Worry, Just Delegate

I rarely post, most of my AFIT was from delegating my HP to @actifit. The image below shows that I got between 16~17 AFIT daily by delegating 102.551HP. Not to forget another 0.064 HIVE and 0.002 HBD weekly.

2020-04-27 (2).png

How do you convert AFIT to HIVE?

First, you go to wallet. Then choose 'Move AFIT Daily to S-E' so your token be transferred to Steem-Engine.

2020-04-27 (3).png

Then on Steem-Engine, you can just sell AFIT for STEEMP. Finally, you sell your STEEMP for HIVEP and withdraw the HIVEP to your HIVE wallet into HIVE.

Hopefully this can be a helpful guide for newcomers to earn more HIVE.

Below are my Actifit report...

If you were asking how I achieve a lot of movement at home? My answer is simple, just turn on the Actifit app and move around for the whole day with the phone. You can get extra by dancing with the phone in your hand. Not to forget to change the setting to enable aggressive background tracking.

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Also don't forget to check out more post with the #posh tag and join the Be POSH, Engage and help Hive Thrive Challenge sponsored by @blocktrades, @theycallmedan, @threespeak and @ocdb. Please read the post by @anomadsoul on the challenge.

Daily Activity, Dancing, House Chores, Walking
177 cm
80 kg
Body Fat


Great Actifit count!! And thanks for the tip. I have also recently delegated to Actifit. Might be a good move to transfer and exchange those tokens to grow my Hive account!

Thanks for the tutorial. A friend of mine use to use this app. I will give it a try

Try it and post from it. Another feature I forget to tell was sell some AFIT for upvote.

Give it a try, just move until you get 5000 count then post using your posting key.👍

Thanks for that!!

I am using this app for so long and this is very good app thanks for sharing this actifit app to the Hive community

I'm never disappointed with it, the more I use it the more I am fascinated by it. Hopefully more support for other hardware besides smartphone and fitbit because there's more health device out there. Hopefully the team(@mcfarhat,@alfamano, and @pjansen) can make an upgrade so I can use Mi Smart Band 4 in the future and sync it with @actifit.


I'll try.

How to i connect the app to hive,steem?

According to the official site at

  1. Download the Actifit mobile app.
  2. Go for a jog, walk your dog, mow your lawn, go to the gym, move around your office,... with an aim to reach a minimum of 5,000 activity count.
  3. Post a report via the app, and get rewarded!

TLDR: Get 5000 activity count then post using the app with your username and private posting key.

Thanks 🙌

Thanks for the comprehensive explanation on how to use the application. Can yoy imagine, I have been on Steem since 2018, I don't know about the application. Thanks I will download straight away. Hope I will be able to use it in my region, am from Nigeria.

Thank you very much for the Re-Blog. I believe @actifit is one of the best way to earn because you could start from zero. You can ask more at their Discord Server. Go to their #help room for more help. Cheers @adexbafo.🍹

Thanks..I just downloaded their application now, it's awesome, I have already delegate HP to them. To use their application and to earn more. Please can you explain more about delegate HP to me.

Great information. Use every opportunity you get to earn free cryptocurrency, there are a lot of options out there now.

You will do good.

Grab every opportunity that comes, hopefully it will be the one that will profit most.

Thanks for sharing
I read an article about Fitbit crypto mining
I had no idea that Actifit was all that!
Hive is outpacing Microsoft!
Open source is awesome!
This is a great way to bring new users!
More incentive to exercise as well!
Use Case!!!

Btw, you can sync fitbit with actifit app in the setting. Most thing in STEEM/HIVE are advance and have more use cases compared to other crypto. Not to forget it have less hiccup unlike Ethereum with slow transaction or EOS with complicated CPU problems.

There's too many interesting projects in HIVE so check out and Not to forget the Community features in Hive is almost similar to a subreddit, communities catering for almost every different interest.

I have issues with syncing actifit app and Fitbit account in my phone browser. I tried a few different browsers but still not syncing. Any thoughts?

Thank you for 500 ESTM. Appreciate it. ![

Keren sekali lama gak jumpa.

I have an issue with this actifit application, I moved AFIT from S-E to Actifit wallet, this didn't reflect in the wallet. That was the second i moved to day. My question now is this,is someone meant to move one per day because the first AFIT i moved was successful, that showed up in my Actifit wallet but the second just indicated sent but didn't show up in my wallet. Anyone with proper explanation on this.

Sorry for the late reply @adexbafo
Those technical stuff better ask the @actifit team at their official discord server:

Yea I later did that and it's helpful. Thanks

Congrats on providing Proof of Activity via your Actifit report!

You have accordingly been rewarded 67.525 AFIT tokens for your effort in reaching 11689 activity, as well as your user rank and report quality!
You also received an 1.07% upvote via @actifit account.
The following boosts were applied to your post:

Actifit rewards and upvotes are based on your:

  • User rank: which depends on your delegated SP, accumulated AFIT tokens, rewarded post count, recent rewarded activity and owned AFITX.
  • Post score: which depends on your activity count, post content, post upvotes, quality comments, moderator review and user rank.

To improve your user rank, delegate more, pile up more AFIT and AFITX tokens, and post more.
To improve your post score, get to the max activity count, work on improving your post content, improve your user rank, engage with the community to get more upvotes and quality comments.

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what if i do not have a steem account? whats an alternative of turning afit into hive then?

thanks for the post!

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