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Yesterday was an exceptional day, finally. Even though the weather forecast said rain for the whole day, there was only a very light shower towards the evening, otherwise the rest of the day was sunny and very nice. This was much needed because the soil can't really absorb any more water. There are floodings in the country already. Gardens are under water and I, just like many other people, can't go out much without being showered every time.

So yesterday when I saw it's shiny and bright, no sign of clouds and rain, took the opportunity to go on foot, run errands and take care all the things I couldn't till now.

It was really nice to walk that much. I don't even remember when was that I had over 12000 steps.

As you can see in the photos, these ivy leaves were still wet from the heavy rains that happened during the night.

Today I need to do a lot of things again and hoping to get a similar stepcount, hoping to reach 10000 steps and of course, needless to say I'm hoping for a day without no rain. I don't know how people do it in Scandinavian countries, where it rains for 300 days out of 365. Maybe I'm not used to it.
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