June 17 🌦️☔

in hive-193552 •  2 months ago 

I'm proud to see I've been able to report the minimum of 5k per day for nine consecutive days now but there were days with 7k, 8k, even 11k steps. My primary goal now is to be consequent, active again without skipping days.

Yesterday was another rainy day and today will be no different. Actually the whole week will be like this. Good thing it's not cold but it's enough. Yesterday was a busy, creative day again, so no cycling but hoping to do some today.

Daily Activity, Walking

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Good job with your 5026 @actifit steps today. Consistency is the key, as I know you are aware of. Each day, add a little just because you can! Take care and have a good night!

Thanks for the encouragement, you too!

Many thanks Elizabeth, and wishing you all the best. Stay active and healthy 😀

Wow, that's dedication! Good going!

Thank you, I wish all the best for you :)

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