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RE: My Actifit Report Card: November 18 2020

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How long have you been studying Spanish? Are you able to converse? I'm just curious as I really could use to learn it as it would come in handy at work. I just don't know if I really have the time to devote to it. The kitten is adorable! Good job with your 8092 @actifit steps for today! Take care my friend, and have a lovely day tomorrow!


hi @eliazbethbit. Well, I took Spanish in high school and college. So at first these classes were review, but now I'm learning more and trying to retain it! I have tried to speak some Spanish with some children at one of the schools I sub at. I feel like I could converse some at this point. When I hear people speaking it, I can understand bits and pieces! I can read a lot of it now and write sentences. I wish there was a conversational class or go visit a Spanish speaking country! My hometown of El Paso, TX has a lot of Spanish speaking people.

That's good that you're learning it. I'm not sure I could at this point. Maybe if I had more time. Have a good night!