My Actifit Report Card: March 1 2021

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Hi there everybody and thanks for stopping by today!

Monday’s are my blockchain project days, so that’s what my morning consisted of. I spoke with a gal who offered help over the phone, and now my sense of hopefulness has increased dramatically. I’m not a programmer and there were a couple of hurdles I needed to navigate through. She was an immense help and what’s more, she is willing to help me whenever I need it. She is a phone call and/or a text away. That gives me a sense of security I didn’t have before. I am excited for this project! 😎

Jan texted and asked if we might hike a little earlier than our normal time so we agreed and off we set. The temperatures are mild; around 50 degrees and the skies overcast with the sun peeking out now and again.

@actifit-lamb, Winchester and Wisteria were up for the hike today. Up near the bench on Buckhorn Loop, the side of the trail is covered with soft, soft moss. It was the perfect place for the lambs to take a break.

We then headed to Towhee Ridge. We could see Sumas Mountain today!


On the way up out of Bear Hollow, I spied this cool fungi.

The fungus grew and encompassed the grass as it grew. I was going to get it out of the way for the picture but realized pulling it would destroy the fungus.

@actifit-lamb says to tell you all to get out there and get those hooves movin’!

Take care everybody!👣🐑🥰😎😁☕️🍀😴
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@elizabethbit Wow! That looks like a real "Fungi"! It is always great to have someone offer to help! The King is very happy for you! The Kingdom wishes you a blessed week! Great activity accomplishment! You seem to be hitting well past the 10,000 mark daily! WTG!

Thank you @kingneptune! I needed the help, lol! As for the steps, I will probably hit another nice step count tomorrow if something doesn't happen to disrupt the hike. Wednesday-Friday are a bit of a challenge, as I work part time as an optician. I sometimes can get 6000-7000 at work, but it can also depend on how much going back and forth I end up doing each days. We can't hike into the mountains after dark as we live in cougar and bear territory and it's not safe. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have an awesome week! Cheers!

You must be going big-time with your blockchain project that you have designated one day for it!
Good to hear that the temperatures are mild and the sun is nearly out. Soon it will be beautiful sunny.
Great photos!

Thanks sis! I plan to give the day to it if it needs it. Sometimes, I have to reach out for help and have connected with a gal on the platform who is willing to help this non programmer out, lol! One Monday, a couple of weeks ago before I connected with her, it was over 3.5 hours of complete and total frustration! Lately, I've only had to spend about an hour actually working on it. Take care sis!🌸❤️🤗

Does this have something to do with mining?

It's actually called 'minting' as in minting the blocks.

Is MINTING the same as mining? What is it?

No; mining is mining for the coin; minting is creating the blockchain of this particular project; at least as I understand it. My computer is a node for this project.

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