My Actifit Report Card: February 27 2021

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Hi guys and thanks for stopping by!

Today turned into a gloriously sunny and moderate day! I slept in just a little bit, and we did skip our community chat with the #silvergoldstackers, but I needed to have a bit of a relaxed schedule. I’ve been feeling like the little hamster on the wheel!

I went over to Jan’s a bit just before our hike. They are considering dumping the Dish network and going with Roku instead. That could save them a ton as there are really just a couple of ‘pay for’ channels that they’d like to have. The other stuff would be a bonus. She wasn’t sure about the back of her TV and if she had the correct connections for Roku. I took a look, and she is indeed good to go. We then looped back to our house to pick up @silvertop and the lambs and start our hike.

It was a beautiful day for a hike! All of us, including @actifit-lamb, were raring to go! You can definitely see signs of spring in the forest. I’ve also heard the calls of the neighbor’s peacocks which also is an indication that spring is in the offing. As we were rounding the bend and just entering the forest, we came across this little girl.

On the return journey, we found her laying down nearby on a knoll that was a bit elevated. She was watching over her baby as it played nearby. So sweet!

Anyway, we continued on through Bear Hollow and down Slumbering Bear and up along Buckhorn Loop heading out to Towhee Ridge. We stopped there for @actifit-lamb and company to stretch their little legs and romp a bit. They then gathered on top of the whiskey barrel for the group photo.

It was time to head for home. We made plans for the hike tomorrow with the weather permitting as the next 10 days are indicative of rain. However I’ve learned the forecast doesn’t mean all that much as we are close enough to the Pacific Ocean to pretty much destroy the forecast, lol!

That’s gonna be it for now. @actifit-lamb reminds us to get our hooves movin’ and keep on steppin’! Take care all! 👣🐑🥰🤗😎👍😁
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Sounds like a wonderful hike and afternoon! Glad to hear your spring is showing signs of arriving!


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What a beautiful day!'
A great capture... the deer!

She let us get pretty close to her. That's good for us and in this instance, for her, but maybe not always for her if it were other people. Thanks for stopping by, sis!🤗