My Actifit Report Card: January 25 2021

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Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by!

I had plans to work around the house this morning so that’s what I did. My kitty had recently gotten up my makeup counter and wrecked havoc with it. He literally dumped about everything that was on it onto the floor!🙀 That gave me a reason to go through and throw out a lot of old, old makeup I should have gotten rid of a long time ago. Plus other stuff has found its way to the counter, so it was kind of a simplify activity as well.

Once that was done we ended up hanging around waiting on something with the computers. Once that was accomplished, it was hiking time!

The lateness of the hour prevented the long hike, but we did get to Towhee Ridge. @actifit-lamb and her brother Winchester were the only 2 wanting to go today. However once they saw how wet everything was from the rain this morning, they wouldn’t climb out of the backpack! I didn’t even get the chance to take a pic of them in the backpack as I was racing against darkness. I had a Valentine’s tree to add decorations to.

Joan had put a string of hearts running down the trunk of the tree. Yesterday at the Dollar Tree, I bought some heart tinsel to add. They have anything you could possibly need to decorate with!

I’ve already purchased the decorations for St. Patrick’s Day next month.

I caught some really pretty sunset photos tonight.

This next picture shows the snow line up on Sumas Mountain.

It was a lovely hike and quite dark by the time we got home.

@actifit-lamb reminds us to get our @actifit hooves movin’! ( even though she didn’t today)

Take a all and have a good night! 😴👣🐑😎👍😇☕️
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Those are lovely sunset photos you've captured, the snow covered mountain must be a breathtaking view in real life 🙂

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Thank you! It is very pretty; I just wish the snow was on our level! I keep waiting for it to come and so far, it hasn't! Take care my friend and thanks for stopping by!

I really love your sunset photos! 😊

Thank you my friend! Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Hehehe, the kitty wants t try on make-up, hehehe!
Look at that glorious sunset!

It was very pretty! Take cares, sis!

It's been cloudy here! No sunset for me!

None today for us, either!


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

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Wow fantastic photos of an incredible sunset and the mountains with the shading of snow covering everything!

Love the cat too!

Thanks, @chocolatescorpi! It is really pretty here. My kitty is such a ham, and oblivious to all when there's a fire in the wood stove, lol! Take care and have a lovely day tomorrow!

My kitty is such a ham,
I think your kitty would prefer to eat ham...🤣

But yes, I could tell by the melted looking, furry shape that there must've been a fire nearby...😂

I miss mine so much still....Not sure if you have ever met him...The love of my life!


Its been 4.5 yrs and on the odd occasion I do think about getting another cat, I feel like I'm betraying him...😭

It's hard when their time comes; they are family. He looks like he was a sweetie. I have come to the conclusion that I am not supposed to not have a cat. If I could, I would take all the strays I could find, in and love and care for them. We've got 2 now but I've had as many as 20 at the same time.

Take care @chocolatescorpi!💜

Yes, he was such a handsome and affectionate little man.
I had Chad (adopted) for about 8 yrs then decided to get him a sister and I got Snowy who was a 10yr old white Persian and soon after she was diagnosed with cancer (she had already had her ears cut off from cancer at some stage previously..) and till the very end she went flat out.

They were such different cats. Snowy would have been a pale white dirty dredlocked hippy chick and Chad was true royalty- in fact, she was a cat, Chad was a human in catsuit...

So if you were once the crazy cat lady why do you think that you are not supposed to have a cat?

Are you asking about me or you? I know I have to have a kitty, or two or three and so on, as I cannot picture life without them. I also know it's extremely hard when they pass on, as they are every bit as much a part of the family as any human is. I know some people might think I'm crazy for saying that, but cats and other pets, offer unconditional love. They know when you feel bad and try to help, all without the ability to speak our language. It can also be hard because you can never replace the lost one. Maybe fear of losing another might hold one back. However, the rewards another kitty can give, at least for me, far outweigh any fear of that for me.

I could tell you a story about my little Coreyb, for he too, was a very special kitty I will always remember.

Take care my friend, @chocolatescorpi! Have a good week ahead.💜😻

I'd love to hear a story about coreyb...

Hey @chocolatescorpi! Coreyb's mom was my next door neighbors kitty. She was a Manx (tail-less kitty) She had a litter of 4 kittens, and one day, they appeared all around and in the wheel wells of our pickup truck. We gathered all of them and brought them in. We knew who the mom was, but she was nowhere around. We took the kitties in; they were so hungry, they ate canned kitty food and immediately 'pooped' it right back out as kitty food; it ran through them that quickly! Eventually, the mom came back (she had been injured somehow and had left her kittens to us, it appeared) to 'visit' her kittens through the patio door, but never seemed to want them back, and of course by then, we were all smitten. Coreyb was one of the kittens, and he too was a Manx. The others had 3-4" stumps for tails. He was a beautiful smoke grey kitten. He immediately took to me and we became inseparable. He would follow me around the house as I did my daily rituals with housework or getting ready to go to work. He'd give me this look 'through the top of his eyes' and even my son would say that it was ridiculous. He looked like he was in love! On my off days, I would often sit in front of the wood stove with a book (I love to read) and he would sit on my lap the whole time. We were like two peas in a pod. He was around 7.5 years old when he started having health problems. His kidneys apparently were failing. The vet was unsure just why, but since we have worked closely with our vet in caring for our animals (ask me sometime about Mocha the goat) she hooked us up with ringers lactate for IV hydration and meds for him, hoping to start kick and or reverse what was happening to him. He tried so hard to live, and we fought so hard to help him, but unfortunately, he did succumb to the kidney disease and passed away quietly in our home. I was heartbroken, and to this day, it can still make me cry that he's gone. My kitties are part of the family; my children; my babies. That was January of 2012. In March of that year, I took a fall out in the pasture and tore my meniscus in my knee and put it into places it wasn't even supposed to go. So, surgery and 5 months later, I was on vacation and had been sitting out back on a porch swing missing my little Coreyb. I remember praying for another kitty to help dull the loss of my baby. I got up, went through the house and out to the front, and another mama cat had all of her kitties playing once again, around the pickup truck. She looked at me and took all but one with her when she left. I crawled on my knee, yes the one that was not healed all the way, under the truck to try to get my hands on this kitten. I finally did, but he was obviously sick and malnourished. I grabbed him and couldn't put him down to get the pet carrier, so I put him in a cardboard box and had to tape it shut and rushed to the vet. She told me that he had a serious upper respiratory infection and probably wouldn't live, but I told her we had to try. Cyle, is that sickly kitten who has grown up to a 20+ pound cat! If I could, I would take all of the abandoned and sick kitties and take care of them, but I don't have the space nor the funds for that. Anyway, that is the story of Coreyb and how Cyle helped ease the loss of him. Sorry for the long and drawn out reply. Have a good night!