The End Of Endsars Protests •|• Actifit Card: October 23 2020

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The curfew ended yesterday after the Federal goverment directive to end all protest. The soldiers were seen on the road, so far so good, none of the demands of the protest has been met.

The situation of the country is not getting any better by the minutes, some factions are already clamouring for war. This really shows the side of this country where people are already tired of this bad governance.

I guess some political people are scared too, many don't want insurgency, the looting of palliatives centres is taking the country by waves.

The youths in the country are fed up, so also is the older ones. But as it is, no way out of this misery that is plaguing our nation.

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Looting everywhere, we just started our curfew this morning in kwara state, the youth went out looting not only government palliative but shopping malls.
Its so pathetic.

Akure is already back on track since yesterday. Things are normal now. Which is so good.

Went through your blog and was amazed. You're really a very good content creator

Wow, that's good to know, I love the the beauty I saw in ondo state.. Keep it up
Thanks for going through my blog and for the encouragement.