Election In My State || Actifit Report Card: October 10 2020.

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There was election in my state yesterday and it was very peaceful from my own and. No I don't know about other places there were reports of boat capsizing of electoral materials. There are also reports of so many fights in some rural locations in the state. But all the while in my own location and electoral polling unit it was peaceful and there was no fight at all.

Also the security were also very much on ground as you can see there is helicopter flying in the here to supervise Everybody In Union so that there will not be any fight or if anybody is making plans to have a fight the person should think twice before doing so.
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very cool to see democracy on the blockchain! post this on https://voice.com ill voice it and post a voice log in the image with https://Photopea.com and ill upvote u on voice

great to see that you have elections same time as I do here in Califor ia

I got to have the chance to vote for kanye west as vice president of the united states for American Delta Party Roque De La Fuenta Guerra as President, same party as Ross Perot, very opportunist andgood id ts free advertising, and no one can say anything bad or its racist voter supresion. Kanye being on my balot is amzing

this was actualy on my balot, im gonna keep and sell my sample ballot as a colectible


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