My Actifit Report Card: February 20 2020

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These are yesterdays steps. Not great but it has been a rough week. No excuse didn't make it to the gym. I feel like I drove all day until it was time to make dinner...

Drove all day long. Livvy was sick with something going around and so I didn't take her to school even. Well now our truck won't start so it must be beer30, or maybe #beersaturday.

Break time I guess. Lol


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This feels more like arm and wrist workout. Yeah, it involves holding a weighted object(beer itself), curl(turning wrist whilst holding the beer towards mouth), and finally palm grab workout(squeeing the empty beer can).

Very healthy and comprehensive workout program. Sorry couldn't give full upvote due to voting power limited. Replaced with !tip !shop

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Whooot @bethvalverde thanks for calling out to #BeerSaturday. Love to have you with a nice post with this challenge. We have week 141 ongoing.....

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Feel better soon, Livvy!

My car didnt wanna start a couple of days ago, so the boys and I had to walk to school in wet snow 😅