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RE: Case history: A lady patient reluctant to do the PCR test|| IAAC #26 || Actifit report and an automaticwin||

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@hafiz34 - I am all agreed with you that the pandemic is being handle differently in each country. Today in my country we found only 59 domestic new cases of Covid-19. Normally will be an average of 150 new cases for the second wave since Dec 15. This has been proved to me that what we all sacrificed in term of our normal life brings us the well situation today. From your story that is great for her to take at least the CBC test. So she will be notified if anything goes wrong.

Have a great day. Be safe, be strong and be healthy.

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Thank you very much for your opinion. I appreciate that. In Oman, the rules are quite a bit strict but people have accepted the rules and regulations. So that the death rate and new cases rate are far better than in many countries. The whole world is in crisis. We have no options other than following the things which can save as many people as possible.

Thanks again.