My Caturday Report Card: October 10 2020

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caturday actifitivity title image



I started the day with a quick walk towards the forest when it happened, the moment I've been waiting for for all my life, hold on, not really, but I've been definitely hoping for it for weeks now.

A meeting with a cuddly feline friend on the proper day of the week to accommodate the tagging schedule and finally make a #caturday report card.


kittty sleepy eyes


She approached me with a few loud meows and immediately put on her most seductive sleepy eyes.


kitty playful camera chasing


Playfully chasing my camera hand, with confidence and familiarity. Indeed, we've met before and she's already been a guest on this blog on a Wednesday Walk about a month ago


kitty fence rub


But enough of all this tagging nonsense we're here for some proper cuddles. If the hands are to busy with the fumbleslab the fence must do the job.


kitty cuddle behind ear


Now that's better, right there behind the ear!


kitty cuddle neck


A little down the neck, that's good!


kitty cuddle neck other side


But don't forget to do the other side as well.


She almost jumped on my lap as i was squatting next to her on the sidewalk to deliver more cuddles, but I continued my walk, I had some more kitties to catch.

Pokemon GO had a special event today and it was all about catching Meowths.


alolan meowth


Apparently it's #caturday in pokemon land as well. Sassy and funky kitten mons all over.


galarian meowth


Approach them carefully, though. The feline kind can be unpredictable.


galarian meowth rawr


It was a great #caturday this Saturday.

But I also found the craziest Friday kind of find:


alien mushrooms


I've never seen mushrooms like these before. I snapped some more pictures that might end up in a @snaepshots post once I've researched what they are.

But these things were huuuge and alien looking. Unfortunately I didn't have a banana, but here's a small apple for scale:


apple for scale


Thanks for your time!


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Chasing Pokemons, Walking


Wow, that really is an alien mushroom!

But this cat is a BEAUTY!!! He (for me he looks like a boy) is adorable, and those cuddles... Lucky you!
Thanks for sharing.

It's great that two things happened to coincide with #caturday on the same walk.

Your furry friend seemed really nice and friendly.

Did you catch lots of meowths?

That is one giant mushroom! I don't think I've ever seen one that big.

Happy Caturday!

yeah... weeks of catless saturday actifitivities and now this... i hope i didn't overdraft my karma account to get that going for me...

I did catch a ton of meowths actually, no shiny ones, though.

I don't think I've seen mushrooms of such impressive dimensions before either... i mean... bigger ones possibly yeah, but not with towering stems like these... I just came by there again and the big one is starting to unfold it's bulb now... I wonder what it will look like in a couple of days.

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