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You might want to look at these if you want to know more about what commies have been causing through the world: This is how many of the communist regimes loose their power. They destroy themselves from starvation.

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That's why the Chicoms are so dangerous, they are not really communists, they are fascists, if they were real communists they would be too busy starving to death to take over the mass and social media.

That is very true. China has their state run authoritative capitalism and that is what had allowed them to advance so far. On top of that , they don't have internal wars and blame games similar to Democrat vs Republican style. CCP in power and they want to expand and crush any competition. This give them focus and unchecked power to pick winners in business and create monopolies they like (such as WeChat and other Tencent products)

They sort of do in terms of trying to suppress the Falun Gong which is their only opposition. They call the Falun Gong "anti science" just the same as leftists here are calling conservatives. They stage false flag incidents in order to sway public opinion against the Falun Gong. And of course they imprison them and sell their organs.

Falun Gong does have many stupid claims and they are a cult. But what is being done to them by CCP is far worse than anything that is being done by leftists. At least conservatives not not being caged and harvested for organs (although some leftists would love the idea).

I don't know all the specifics of their belief system and I wouldn't trust any mainstream source to tell me what they are, all I know is they oppose the CCP and that's all that matters at this point. It's just a matter of time until they put us in camps and start harvesting our organs. That's what they do.

They just don't want people ruining their organs so they can sell them.