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RE: Not sure how I feel about one sleazy company calling out another one, ...

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Maybe more companies should follow suit. I think Facebook and Twitter need to be reminded that they're just a platform and have no right to censor and silence anyone.

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They have the right to do so as it is stated in their terms and conditions. Both are privately own and are free to do as they see fit. If you do not like the way they work, you are free to stop using their services

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That's exactly what I did. Also, I wonder if you could still say that if it was the democrats being silenced instead of the republicans.

Honestly I do not care who gets "silenced".
I am referring to the rights SM platforms have, nothing more, nothing less...
By signing with them you are subjected to their terms and conditions.

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You mean terms and conditions that these platform could change whenever they wanted? The current terms and conditions of these platforms were vastly different from what they were a few years ago, If the terms and conditions were the same as when I first signed up then it would still acceptable but we all know that they've changed it to suit their agendas.

Exactly right.

You are always at their mercy...

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Which is really saddening if you think about it. That's the reason i wanted them to remain neutral and apolitical. But I guess that's impossible now...

Hiding privacy-infringing acts deep in terms and conditions (which they know nobody reads) can be correct from a legal point of view, but is highly questionable morally. It is at the least misleading with clear intent.


Sadly these platforms do not care about morals, they are at it for the money.

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Never see this one before, what is it for?

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Yeah, even though they are both private companies, moves like this can at least help people become aware of the situation at hand. If that will impact anything is the real question.

That's true. I'm also hoping that the move would have at least a little impact.


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