If you have a product that you produce and want a simple store front t ...

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If you have a product that you produce and want a simple store front to get you started, we have something for you! Vendors get ready to register starting APRIL 1st! #hivelist #hive

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This is something needed for hive to go to another level with "use case." Thank you.

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I am totally waiting for this!

I like this,
Where could I get more info?
Thanks, much appreciated!

All of the information is on the site, https://hivelist.store. More information will be released in the coming days.

Nice! I can't wait to check this out. Is there a way to list a single product or do you have to go through the whole vendor process no matter how many products you have? Just curious. I've got an idea for a couple things and I was just wondering...

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Na you are going to have to go through the vendor process. There are 3 different tiers. I am setting it up more like Amazon than eBay. If you want to promote a single product, make sure to make a post on the classifieds. Maybe one day in the future, but the basic package has 5 products. It’s my attempt to keep down spam and scammers.

Got it. Makes sense. I've never sold a product in my life but, like I said, I have a couple ideas that I wouldn't mind trying out so I thought I'd ask. I actually almost have the 5000 LIST I think you said was needed so, that part isn't an issue. I'll have to look into it more on April 1st. Is there limited space or could you take 1 Million vendors if the heavens opened up and poured them down on you?

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one day at a time, lol. We can handle a good bit, that would be a good problem to have, means I would finally be doing something right and would have to reach out and hire, lol.

This could work well

Not the face daiper ad though, those are strictly for retarded people with psychosis

And what currencies are used for purchases? I'm ignorant to all of it.

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Hive, HBD, most of the main Hive Engine swap tokens like swap.BTC and thinking about DEC and LEO because they have the liquidity to handle it if I have to sell to pay vendors. Then regular BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, DAI, and then fiat options are Square, GooglePay and ApplePay, all ran through Square and processed by my company, The Logical Dude, LLC