The Talking Stick of the natives seemed ahead of its time. I often see ...

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The Talking Stick of the natives seemed ahead of its time. I often see people listening just to react, while listening to understand is what will bring people together. Let's try to understand each other more when communicating.

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Great! There are so many talkers, experts, wiseguys, influencers and all of them are just talking... only a few are listening... "listen with empathy"

Thanks for sharing!

Yes.... That's the art; listening with empathy and listen without judgement, trying to not put your own beliefs upon the one who is talking at the moment. But I do realize that to some listening comes natural, while others need to train themselves in it. Even I had to learn a lot in this regard 😅


I guess you could say it’s the first 🎤

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Ah yes indeed, hadn't thought about that perspective 😅


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