With a stable HIVE price the best way to grow your account is with 100 ...

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With a stable HIVE price the best way to grow your account is with 100% HP payouts. Now that the price is going up, 50/50 might be beneficial. Use HBD to buy more HIVE when things settle

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I've always been using the 50/50 payout option ever since I started and it worked well for me till now. Besides, we won't have HBD in our account unless we buy or use the 50/50 option so I think I'll stick with the default.

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I've been using the 50/50 option as well, ever since I reached 1000 HP. I then buy HIVE when price dips, and then use it for second layer tokens.

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I agree, even though I'm always doing the 50/50 thing even before...

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It's really handy to have some HBD or liquid Hive. Especially if you want to move it to Hive-Engine. :)

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I do 50/50

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Missed opportunity to say "I do 69/420".


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