What y'all doing? https://media.giphy.com/media/7OWvqZu5jMjvMpNdGd/gi ...

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What y'all doing?

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I didn't sleep well this whole week. (I used to sleep 6-7 hours daily plus an afternoon nap, but I barely slept 5 hours each for the past 5 days,) so yeah. I know I'll be like in the gif soon~

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I probably get about 5 hours a night normally. Working 70 hour work weeks sometimes, and still showing up here.

Some people can manage that, I heard some people live normally with 4... But to stay sane, I need 6-7 hours of sleep average. #ImNotCompelelySaneNow

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Sane? Depends on what your version of insanity is at that point. I imagine it is relative. I have a whole lot of first world problems.

It's relative...
Not sane as the opposite of Insane, but the opposite of relaxed. (= Prone to anxiety for the simplest things.)

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We all are

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Wish I could sleep like that!!

Who sleeeeps?

The cat!!