Anyhow, my DCity is creating 5$ a day for me - nice. --- Do these even ...

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Anyhow, my DCity is creating 5$ a day for me - nice.

Do these events make any sense for my City? M a y b e, but,

What A Sight.

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Wow nice! I should probably pay more attention to my city lol

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Might be worth your time =)

5$ a day for playing a game is really cool. Splinterlands and dcity is the 2 games that i am not playing yet but cryptobrewmaster and risingstar already :) Hope they will also perform good.

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I play cryptobrewmaster too, but I have no clue how to make profits there.

Me neither. As i saw if someone wanna ern there it takes all day to be online :D But still i can make few hive in few days :D Better than nothing :D But the 5$ for a day is cool. Few more games like that and already a good sideline income :)

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I had 1200CBM and unlocked 4 Building for a 2Weeks while 'playing' active and ended up with ~700CBM and some rare Beeres, after the Time... so I really suxx at it. @cryptobrewmaster

This is good that u shared, because i was also thinking to unlock some buildings but i was afraid what if i cant make enought to worth it. So the best is just to make the daily missions then sell the beers 😃 ( sometimes i use to buy items on a market ) if i find a cheap one

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How much did you invest into it for this return?

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Hard to tell... I bought stuff little by little since early 2020 and then @jelly13 rebuild my city to the level that I wanted to achieve. The Markt Value of my cards right now is ~12500 HIVE + Backgrounds and Tech Cards, but my guess would be that I didn't even spend half of that.

Looking at those numbers ;) I could sell my cards and take the x3 profit now... but 5$ a day, that's 150$ a month, this game is nuts right now!

Thank you! That was informative~

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Yeah, no Problem

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