$COPE Continues on the Uptrend, Reaching New All-Time High & Fast Appr ...

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$COPE Continues on the Uptrend, Reaching New All-Time High & Fast Approaching $4.00 per $COPE

The Solana-based project is quickly becoming one of the most valuable airdrops around.

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What is $COPE.

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essentially one of the first community-created projects on Solana:
here's a thread with a bit of insight:

I don’t see how people can keep up with all these different projects, lol. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my portfolio on top of finding leverage trading opportunities on BTC... which I am just starting that journey 🤪...

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it seems like I find a new project every week that I want to dive head first into...
I'm super bullish on the Solana ecosystem, SOL, RAY, OXY, SRM and now COPE too...
I see Solana being top 5 by marketcap very soon.