Murder, She Wrote Fan Theory

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I haven't watched enough Murder, She Wrote to write a comprehensive post but I love the fan theory that Jessica Fletcher is really a serial killer that frames people.

That probably says more about my mental state than I'd like..

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Lol, I remember that show 😅

  • And it does make sense that she was the one that killed the victims.

Murder she wrote, NOT murder she solved, and she "solved" too many murder cases for her not to be involved 👍

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Haha interesting premise. I liked watching Murder, She Wrote. Mystery suspense remains to be my fave genre 😉👍🏼

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I also like mystery. I have a Mystery community but I haven't posted anything to the community yet.

My favorite mystery TV show is Murdoch Mysteries but I also like listening to the old time radio detective shows from the 1940s and 1950s.

So cool. I subscribed to the community. I have in the past written about some of my mystery book series. I might revive them from long, long ago. :)

Thanks. I also have some old past stuff I'll be reviving on my blog during 2021.