## I just gave a heart-attack to my folks. Chocolate berry marshmallow cake. ! ...

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I just gave a heart-attack to my folks.

Chocolate berry marshmallow cake.


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What about baking your application?

I am on vacation.

I remember there being a place somewhere in the world called #HeartAttackGrill, #HeartAttackBurgers or something like that

The food was cooked in lard and the employees dressed as nurses as if their customers were patients

Sure enough, some of their customers had heart attack!

I saw that one too. The amount of fat and cholesterol in their food must have inspired that idea lol

Yeah, they were in the business of giving people heart attacks, more or less . .

And due to effective branding, their tables were always full! 🤦🏻‍♂️🍔

Even allegedly very smart people eat crap, showing they are idiots. All of them are like I rather eat shit and die happy, when they get ill they all squelch the same. I am not into food but I love to cook and I am interested into everything about food and nutrients.

Ah okay . . So maybe it was out of the ordinary for you to eat cake?

Moderation and ingredients are important. I get one piece from the whole cake, the rest goes to friends and family. It evaporates really quickly.